U Value Calculation

The U value of a rooflight is calculated by dividing the heat transfer across the system (measured in Watts) by the environmental temperature difference across the test element (measured in degrees K) multiplied by the area of the aperture in the surround panel—called the projected area (measured in m²). This latter dimension is equivalent to the opening in the building envelope. One consequence of this is that the ‘U’ value of the product will increase as it gets deeper, despite the thermal properties of the individual components staying the same.


Rooflight Glazing

Fabrite Solutions are pleased to be able to offer a selection of roof glazing options.

S-Line System

The S-Line system, which incorporates Pyramid, Ridgelight and Lantern Light options, is a practical, cost-efficient option for both commercial and domestic properties.

Nanogel Rooflight Technology

Nanogel, sometimes known as ‘frozen smoke’, consists of hydrophilic silica aerogel and the structure is best described as a lattice network of glass strands with very small pores. When used in conjunction with Xtralite’s glazing systems it is especially suitable for programmes like the BSF initiative where the BRE’s Environmental & Sustainability standard—BREEAM Education—concentrates on energy efficiency. Xtralite and Nanogel more than meet these requirements.  

Rooflight Frames 

The rooflights are available in a variety of options, including Semi-Circular and Low-Profile Barrel Vaults, Hipped End Ridgelights Ridgelights, Self-Supporting Pyramids, Pitched Polygons and Mono-Pitched Rooflights. Our staff will be able to assist in the design of these systems through providing technical information, design drawings and recommendations on flashing and insulation for the system.

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