Window Ventilation

The design of your home, school, office or hospital requires three elements that work in harmony: heating, insulation and ventilation. Each of these elements are vitally important to the quality of the indoor environment and therefore the well being of the occupants.
To ensure this balance is maintained, the Building Regulations state the minimum levels of ventilation that is required (see page 5).

Ventilation helps to prevent the build up of fumes from products within the building plus the natural gases such as radon and methane. Permanent ventilation is essential to help prevent the build up of carbon monoxide gas which can be lethal within an enclosed area.

Ventilation within buildings is necessary for the health of the occupants and also for the life cycle of the building materials. For instance a normal family of four produces on average 10 litres of water every day in the form of water vapour just by breathing, washing, cooking and bathing. Therefore a continuous airflow is essential to prevent condensation, to remove moisture and pollutants such as tobacco smoke.

Below are some examples of the systems available, for a brochure with the full range of systems available please contact us.

Overframe Ventilators



Acoustic Ventilators






Glazed-In Ventilators


uPVC slimline glazed-in ventilator with only a 45 mm glass reduction, especially suited for uPVC windows.


Aluminium slimline glazed-in ventilator for use in aluminium, timber and uPVC windows.


Thermally broken aluminium glazed-in ventilators with soft-line design outer profile.

THK60/90 and AR60/90

The THK60 and THK90 are flapvents with external hoods for good weather protection.
The AR60 are self-regulating flapvents with external hoods for good weather protection.


A self-regulating vent allowing four different airflows within the same design.


A flush vent ideal for sliding doors with an additional flap for better watertightness.


The THR90 is a high performance flapvent.
The ARH90 is a self-regulating high performance flapvent.


The THL100 is a thermally broken louvred ventilator. It comes in the standard horizontal version, and a vertical version, the THL100V.


The THK170 is a ventilator designed to facilitate and improve the natural ventilation of conservatories. It is a discrete flap ventilator, which has been designed to prevent the risks of water infiltration.

Slot Ventilation

External Slotvents

471 - Self-Regulating Canopy

486 - Canopy

586 - Canopy

587P - Canopy

590 - Clip-in Canopy

686 - Canopy

687P - Canopy

771AK - Acoustic Canopy
Interior Slotvents

467 - Slimline Tipvent

470 - Sound Absorbing Box

478 - Flat Grille

485 - Hit and Miss Vent

487 - Tipvent

488 - Patio Grille

489 - Bar Grille

490 - Clip-in Tipvent

490S - Screw Tipvent

686N - Canopy

787AK - Tipvent

788P - Tipvent

If you have any queries about these products and would like to know more please contact us using the enquiries page.

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