Continuous Louvre System


There are a variety of reasons for using Continuous Louvre Systems in buildings, these include:

Screening Installations - Continuous Louvre Systems are an ideal application for concealing unsightly equipment from view.

Ventilation - Continuous Louvre Systems offer the best aesthetic solution for assemblies which are required to allow air flow in and out of a building whilst restricting the entry of rain.

Weather Screening - The Continuous Louvre System protects your installation from wind, rain and vermin.

Acoustics - Fitted with acoustic blaeds the Continuous Louvre System is ideal for the screening of noisy installations. The structure of the louvre system, together with the noise damping qualities, ensure that noise is strongly damped, while keeping good ventilation.

Aesthetic Cladding - Applications in which the blade profile design is preferred to other applications.

Interior Cladding - Interior cladding, possibly incorporating back lighting.

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