LOGGIA Sliding Panels

LOGGIA sliding panels are constructed with frames fitted with a variety of aluminium or timber blades, or even with fabric screens.

LOGGIA screens are a multi-functional facade element, acting as: solar shading, intensive ventilation, a visual screen, fencing, daylight control, insect mesh and partial shading depending on the exact specification.

LOGGIA Screens are available in a variety of sliding systems, as well as fixed and folding panels.

Below are some examples of the arrangements available in the LOGGIA range

LOGGIA LG.040 is a slimline frame for heights up to 2.5m, taking into account the local wind pressure bearing on the system.

LOGGIA LG.065 is a more substantial frame, designed for heights up to 3.0m, again depending on the local wind pressure bearing on the system and the type of blade to be fitted.

LOGGIA LG.130 frames are extra-rigid, designed to meet the requirements for sun protection panels up to 6.0m in height, depending on the wind pressure bearing on the system, and the type of blade to be fitted.

The LOGGIA LG.130 frame can be combined with the ICA.125M blade to provide a system that is even more effective at managing solar heat and natural daylight. This system not only allows the panel to be moved into the desired position but also allows the blades to be rotated into the ideal position, depending on the position of the sun or the desired level of solar shading.

LOGGIAwood further expands the range of solar protection panels. Combining the quality and shape retention of aluminium with the natural beauty and elegance of wood, the LOGGIAwood screen offers a modern, innovative option.

LOGGIA SCREEN combines the properties of various materials and systems into a product that is notable for its elegance, flexibility and efficiency. It is a system of sliding panels with fabric, allowing access of light and warmth to be managed at your convenience, by adjust the position of the panels and screens as needed.

Sliding Systems
Individually Sliding

Symmetrically Sliding

Telescopically Sliding

Folding - Only with LG.040

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