SUNCLIPS blades are made of extruded aluminium profiles, to be used as solar shading, wall cladding or visual barrier.
SUNCLIPS Classic is ideal for slim designs. The SUNCLIPS Evo has a more aerodynamic design, with 3 different dimensions 96mm, 130mm and 176mm.
The SUNCLIPS Classic can be curved with a minimum radius of 500mm, while the SUNCLIPS EVO 96mm blade can be punched with a free area of 30%.
Below are some examples of the arrangements available in the SUNCLIPS range

SUNCLIPS Horizontal Blades Positioned Below

SUNCLIPS Horizontal Blades Positioned Below - Curved

SUNCLIPS Horizontal Blades Positioned Above

SUNCLIPS Cassettes

SUNCLIPS Vertical Assembly

SUNCLIPS Sliding Panels

SUNCLIPS Folding Shutters

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