Solar Screening

Fabrite Solutions are please to be able to offer a wide variety of products from the RENSON Solar Screen range. From roof and veranda screening systems to vertical screening systems, as well as screen systems with built in ventilation we are able to offer a range of screens to meet any requirements. In addition we can offer the RENSON Lagune system, a terrace covering system perfect for home terraces or terraces at restaurants.

Below are some examples of the arrangements available in the screen range


FIXSCREEN is a vertical window shading system which represents a major advance in external sun screening, affording protection from heat and glare, and yet still allowing a view to the outside. The flexible product range includes models which are suitable for both domestic and commercial building applications.

FIXSCREEN uses an ingenious zip system, securely fastened to the edge of the screen, making the screen wind-resistant in every position, and insect repellant when fully closed.

FIXSCREEN is available in three sizes of wind-resistant screens:

FIXSCREEN 85 Ideal for windows up to 2.5m wide and 1.6m high. This screen is used extensively for most stnadard windows and in renovation projects.

FIXSCREEN 100 A larger system suitable for glazing up to 4.0m wide and 2.7m high

FIXSCREEN 150 The biggest screen in the programme which will cope with extremely large glazed areas - up to 6.0m wide and 3.0m high, or vice-versa (18.0m2)


MINISCREEN is a compact and intelligent solar shading screen with a modern design. The vertical solar shading is made to measure with high quality screens for both internal and external use.

MINISCREEN is supplied in a variety of options:
Manual or Electric Control
Removable bottom bar
Full choice of RAL colours for profiles
Choice between aluminium bottom bar or reinforcement in the loop of the screen


SCREENVENT is a combined screen and ventilation product developed to improve the following aspects of the living and working environment:
Physical comfort - Fresh and healthy air, without drafts
Thermal comfort - Up to 90% reflection of solar heat
Visual comfort - Control of the light level, no reflections, and the outside view is not obstructed

SCREENVENT can be used on all types of windows, aluminium, timber or PVC.

SCREENVENT Mistral AK takes the product one step further, by adding a sound reduction element, which can reduce sound by up to 34dB


TOPFIX and TOPFIX MAX are horizontal or inclined sun protection for your roof window, light panel or skylight.
Both systems are wind resistant in any position, and can be used for insect protection and blackout when fitted directly to the window frame.
TOPFIX can be used either as a single, or as a double unit, with the single offering coverage of 2.5m x 2.5m and the double offering coverage of 5.0m x 2.5m
TOPFIX is a low profile system, with the aluminium box sitting 100mm high x 105mm deep over the mechanism.
TOPFIX MAX provides coverage of up to 5.0m x 5.0m
TOPFIX MAX has an aluminium box sitting 200mm high x 260mm deep over the mechanism.


VEGASCREEN and VERANDASCREEN are the RENSON veranda screening systems.

VERANDASCREEN is the budget-friendly sloution to veranda heat problems.
Its automated system makes VERANDASCREEN extra-comfortable, safe and energy efficient.
It offers unequalled screen tension, thanks to the sophistcated stretching system.

VEGASCREEN is the latest in veranda sun protection
It offers a minimal box height, and so can be assembled in difficult conditions (e.g. under windo sills or eaves)
The new design is provided with the same renowned tension system


The Lagune is a terrace covering from RENSON. It is a patented aluminium construction with intergrated Fixscreen technology which can be opened or closed, depending on the weather.
The sun screen intergrates fully into the structure, forming a single, aesthetically pleasing whole.
The modular construction makes it easy to extend the product at a later date.

If you have any queries about these products and would like to know more please contact us using the enquiries page.

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